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Safe Deposit Box Rental

We have Safe Deposit Boxes of various sizes available to rent.

Safe Deposit Boxes of various sizes are available for rent at these Hoyne Savings bank locations: Chicago- 4786 N. Milwaukee Ave.; Chicago- 6350 West 63rd Street; Woodstock- 400 St. Johns Rd.; Worth- 11139 South Harlem Ave. in Worth from Hoyne Savings Bank. The annual rent varies according to the size of the particular box rented. See our Vault Department for details. Besides rent, the following fees apply to safe deposit box rentals:

Fee TypeFee Amount
Box Drilling$250.00
Late Payment Fee$10.00
Name Addition$10.00
Returned Check (Personal Account - per check)$20.00
Returned Check (Business Account - per check)$4.50
Will Search$25.00