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Online Banking

Fee Schedule

Hoyne Savings Bank affords you a wide range of customer services and accounts. Some of the financial services offered do involve a nominal fee. All of the services listed may not be available at all bank locations.

Checking & Money Market Fee Schedule

Fee TypeFee Amount
Below Minimum Balance
(Applicable Personal Account - per month)
Below Minimum Balance
(Applicable Business Account - per month)
Below Minimum Balance
(Applicable Money Market Account - per month)
Deposited Check Returned
(Applicable Personal Account - per check)
Deposited Check Returned
(Applicable Business Account - per check)
Excess Money Market Transaction (per item)$15.00
Money Market Check (written for $100.00 or less)$15.00
Non-Sufficient Funds - Overdraft
(Returned or Paid - per check or electronic transfer)
Over the Counter Encoded Checks (5 checks)$5.00
Reconciling Statement (per hour, 1 hour minimum)$25.00
Stop Payment
(Per check, electronic, recurring or a series of checks)

General Fee Schedule

(Applicable To All Accounts)

Fee TypeFee Amount
Account Closing
(if closed within 3 months of opening)
Account Research
All types (per hour, 1 hour minimum)
Account Verification Letter$20.00
Below Minimum Balance
(Passbook or Statement Savings-per month)
Cashier Check ($500.00 and over, one free, then per check)$5.00
Cashier Check (under $500.00, per check)$8.00
Coin Counting and Redemption:
  - If deposited$0.00
  - If not deposited (minimum amount)$5.00 or a flat fee of 2% of the total dollar amount
Deposited Check Returned
(Applicable Personal Account - per check)
Deposited Check Return
(Business Account - per check)
Excess Statement Savings Transaction (per item)$15.00
Illinois Vehicle License Plate Sticker Service$ 5.00
In House Transmatic NSF Fee (Mortgage Loans Only)$ 30.00
Legal Fees:
  - Citation to Discover Assets $100.00
  - Garnishment $100.00
  - Subpoena $100.00
  - Tax Levy/Lien Processing $100.00
Lost Passbook $20.00
Money Order (per item) $2.00
Non-Sufficient Funds - Overdraft
(Returned or Paid - Per Electronic Transfer)
 Notary Fee (per document) $3.00
Photocopy - Hoyne Official Checks (per check) $3.00
Photocopy - Other Items (per item) $0.25
 Verification of Balance (per account) $3.00
IRA Trustee Transfer Fee$35.00
Wire Transfer (Incoming)$25.00
Wire Transfer (Outgoing)$45.00
Stop Payment of a Hoyne Official Check (per check):
Stop payment of a Hoyne Cashier Check, when permitted will require the purchase of an Indemnity Bond prior to the item being replaced or refunded. Replacement of an official checks will be considered only in cases of lost, stolen or destroyed checks.

Safe Deposit Box Rental

Safe Deposit Boxes of various sizes are available for rent at these Hoyne Savings bank locations: Chicago- 4786 N. Milwaukee Ave.; Chicago- 6350 West 63rd Street; Woodstock- 400 St. Johns Rd.; Worth- 11139 South Harlem Ave. in Worth from Hoyne Savings Bank. The annual rent varies according to the size of the particular box rented. See our Vault Department for details. Besides rent, the following fees apply to safe deposit box rentals:

Fee TypeFee Amount
Box Drilling$250.00
Late Payment Fee$10.00
Name Addition$10.00
Returned Check (Personal Account - per check)$20.00
Returned Check (Business Account - per check)$4.50
Will Search$25.00

Hoyne Savings Bank STAR® Network ATM Card

Hoyne Savings Bank is a member of the STAR® Network. You can access your money 24 hours a day through automatic teller machines (ATMs) and selected Point-of-Sale (POS) locations. Hoyne Savings Bank offers 24-hour ATMs at our Main Office Drive Up in Chicago and at our Grand, Wheeling, and Worth Offices. All ATMs that we own or operate are identified as Hoyne terminals.

Your Hoyne Savings Bank STAR® Network ATM Card can also be used at any CIRRUS® ATM throughout the United States and abroad.

ATM Fees

Fee TypeFee Amount
Transactions made at a Hoyne Savings Bank ATMFREE

The following charges apply for transactions at ATMs not owned by Hoyne Savings Bank. In addition, a fee may be imposed by an ATM operator if the consumer conducts a transaction at an ATM that is not owned or operated by the issuer of the card.

Fee TypeFee Amount
CIRRUS® or other Network
(Withdrawals / Card Activity Fee - per transaction)
Deposits (per transaction)$2.00
Withdrawals (per transaction)$2.00
Replacement of Hoyne Savings Bank STAR® Network ATM / VISA Debit Card (per card) $25.00

®STAR Network is a registered trademark of STAR Network.
®CIRRUS is a registered trademark of Cirrus System, Inc.
®VlSA is a registered trademark of the Visa USA, Inc.

Currency Conversion and International Transactions

When you use your VISA® Debit Card at a merchant that settles in currency other than US dollars, the charge will be converted into the US dollar amount. The currency conversion rate used to determine the transaction amount in US dollars is either a rate selected by VISA® from the range of rates available in wholesale currency markets for the applicable central processing date, which rate may vary from the rate VISA® itself receives, or the government-mandated rate in effect for the applicable central processing date. The conversion rate in effect on the processing date may differ from the rate in effect on the transaction date or posting date.

VISA USA® charges an International Service Assessment Fee on all international transactions. The fee is .80% without a currency conversion and 1.20% with a currency conversion. The Visa International Assessment Fee is fixed at 0.45% and is in addition to the regular interchange rate and any other fees that may apply. In either case, we pass this international transaction fee on to you. An international transaction is a transaction where country of the merchant is outside the USA.